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Overview of Libby

Libby is the location of a serious and tragic American environmental disaster. Vermiculite mines released toxic asbestos dust, making many residents sick and killing hundreds more. Libby has historical importance due to its mining industry.

Popular Libby Tourist Attractions & Things To Do

The tourist attractions of Libby are vast, due to the 2 million acres of parks for recreation. The Kootenai National Forest is popular among these tourist spots due to the numerous trails for hiking and camping. Along with visiting parks, explorers can enjoy the spectacular views of the Kootenai River beckon, mountain lakes, and flowing streams. This city has a great reputation for hunting of elk, moose, deer, mountain sheep, and bear. There are also opportunities of exploring the downhill ski areas and the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area. You can get phone numbers to these attractions at

Economy of Libby

The economy of Libby is increasing vastly due to mining, agriculture, hunting, fishing, and forestry. The average rise of the economy by construction and manufacturing is 8.7% and 3.1%. The farming, agriculture, fishing, hunting, and forestry put an overall 7.8% economic increase while mining, gas, and oil extraction cause a 1.8% increment in the overall economy of Libby. You can access our website to get the phone numbers of different employers in the area.

Education in Libby

The education sector in Libby has shown enormous growth. There's a community of more than 11,000 students who seek education at all levels. Almost 1146 students are getting an education in elementary, middle, alternative, and senior high schools. Besides Libby's elementary and junior high schools, Libby also has a well-known Flathead Valley Community College that offers education for various degrees. Along with public institutions, private Christian schools are providing high-standard education to children. To find contact information for these institutions, visit

Art and Culture of Libby

The city's cultural heritage and artistic background can be viewed in galleries, museums, performing arts, and live music. A wide range of events like musical theatre, art gallery works, film festivals, local orchestras, and live concerts are a natural inspiration for Libby's arts and cultural values. Get the contact information of these artistic places from

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